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Protect your business from the latest threats with a Managed Security Operations Centre service

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Threat intelligence for the modern business

As the threat landscape and threat actors redefine themselves, the traditional Managed Security Operations Centre (SOC) service that only monitors an organisation’s network no longer provides adequate protection.

With the emergence of new business models, data monitoring extends beyond your organisation, into cloud services, key executives’ personal email accounts, mobile devices, and more.

Equipped with complex tools, strict processes, and experienced security analysts, N4 Threat Detect, our Managed SOC Service, offers better protection from the latest threats.

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Central to a mature security programme

Threat Detect is a full managed SOC service which sits at the heart of Node4’s security services.

Our experienced security analysts combine real-time data from across your environment with the latest threat intelligence. This enables you to develop an understanding of your business processes and user behaviour, and get an overview of the risks that your business is facing.

Besides a greater degree of visibility, you’ll receive actionable insights on events and alarms within your environment.

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Key benefits to your business

  • Continuous monitoring – threat hunting, gathering and intelligence, countermeasure deployment coordination, third-line incident analysis, and alerting and reporting.
  • Proactive approach – escalated analysis of potential intrusions and malicious activity in real-time, and through historical trending on security-relevant data sources.
  • Rapid incident response – response to confirmed incidents by coordinating resources and directing the use of timely and appropriate countermeasures, as well as post-incident analysis.
  • Stakeholder reporting – providing situational awareness and reporting on cyber security status, incidents, and trends in adversary behaviour to appropriate stakeholders.

Tailored solution for your business

Whether your organisation’s strategy is to use cloud services to run its IT operations or for the infrastructure to remain on-premises, our SOC service is designed to provide ongoing visibility.

Our security team will work with you to understand how your environment is set up, to ensure we align you with the right service level to meet your security requirements. We offer:

  • Compliance
  • Detect
  • Detect for Azure
  • Manage, Detect, Respond

Product Features

Integrated threat intelligence

The N4 Threat Detect sensor collects event logs from multiple sources and correlates them into alarms and incidents, providing all the information required for actionable responses and alerting in one location.

Available log sources will be discussed during the scoping of the engagement and configured by our security consultant.

Request a Proof of Value trial

To gain an understanding of the value that Threat Detect can provide to your business, we strongly recommend taking advantage of our four-week proof of value (PoV).

During this period, we will operate the full Threat Detect service and our SOC analysts will hold a weekly call to discuss findings and demonstrate our processes.

This process also allows us to gather more detailed information about your network, so we can ensure we’re offering you the most appropriate service for your organisation.


  • What is a managed SOC?

    A managed SOC service connects your enterprise and IT security team to the latest information on cyber-attack evolution and the most pressing threats facing businesses similar to yours.

  • How is malicious activity detected?

    Managed SOC services aggregate and normalise data, analysing it for potential threats through security event correlation. With this knowledge, you can more accurately secure your enterprise against the most likely digital threats.

  • How does the service support my business?

    It greatly reduces time to remediate security issues and enables your business to prioritise incidents based on the severity of the threat and the value of the assets. 

  • Does this support my security and compliance goals?

    N4’s Managed SOC Service enables you to meet regulatory or contractual obligations by providing the technology and resource to continuously review your information sources and securely retain log data. A service of this nature can be a critical requirement of supply chain assurance.

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