Phishing Attacks

Do your employees understand and follow your security guidelines?

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The Weakest Link

Are your employees aware of the risks and tricks that fraudsters employ to scam businesses from thousands of pounds? Do they follow your guidelines on opening and responding to emails or clicking on embedded content?

Find out by using our Phishing Campaign service. We will simulate customised and credible phishing campaigns which will track and analyse behaviours to give you analysis and assess your employees’ attitudes to security.

Analyse employee attitudes to security, and test policy

Use our social engineering assessment to gauge employee attitudes and knowledge of the acceptable usage policies.  Target training to department areas and staff requiring further guidance.

Select testing from different types of phishing attacks

Analyse specific individuals or departments by selective spear-phishing testing using our security experts to administer a simulated phishing exercises. We work with your organisation to customise a phishing exercise that fits your business profile.

Teach them how to Phish: protect them for a lifetime

Whilst criminals and hackers use phishing techniques to penetrate corporate security, we can also use non-destructive phishing campaigns. We use these to determine the level of understanding employees have around the risks of clicking on interesting or relevant messages or websites they are presented with. Reporting on the results informs employers on what information and training their staff require.

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