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To compete in today’s retail market, you need to delight your customers with personalised shopping experiences, 24x7x365 service and omnichannel communication, any time, on any deviceAll this, while keeping a close eye on your bottom line, and security and compliance.  

The key to your success? Our digital transformation solutions designed for the retail sector, which enable you to innovate and scale while managing costs and cyber security threats 

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Enhance your customer experience

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Improve your bottom line

Manage security and compliance

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Foot Asylum

Node4 provide a high-speed fibre connection between Footasylum’s main sites for around 250 users


Node4 provided HDANYWHERE with reliable cloud hosting, enabling the business to focus on growth.

Our retail solutions

  Ensure you’re always up and running

Our connectivity solutions, ranging from broadband to Secure SD-WAN, guarantee high availability and uptime. With in-store WiFi and ERP system hosting, your teams can provide services from mobile PoS to stock checking, ensuring technology is never the reason customers are left waiting.

  Scale to meet changing market demand

Public, private and hybrid cloud hosting enables you to scale according to demand, including during seasonal and promotional spikes. Optimised cloud also gives you space to innovate and provides a faster route to market when offering compelling new services.

  Delve into data to anticipate customer needs

Our Data Warehousing as a Service enables you to get a unified, real-time view of all your relevant business data, so you can derive true customer insights and predict trends. For managing stock flow and improving forecasting, ensure your databases are fully optimised with our Database Managed Services.

  Offer convenient, omnichannel services

With our omnichannel contact centre platforms, customers can get in touch by phone, video, instant messaging and social media. Advanced call management, chatbots and team collaboration tools help you streamline operations and deliver great customer service.

  Improve your bottom line

Our comprehensive managed services allow you to consolidate suppliers, lower IT costs and improve service levels. We also provide access to the latest technologies with cost-saving benefits, from chatbots and Artificial Intelligence to the Internet of Things.

  Protect your customer data

ISO20071 accredited, Tier3+ UK data centres provide highly secure environments for your data and infrastructure, with our data, voice and cloud services all GDPR and PCI compliant. Our managed security services can support you with everything from strategy to threat detection and response.

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Our expert professional and managed services will help you put your digital transformation strategy into action. We’ll handle the complexity of implementing solutions, add expertise to your internal team and support you at every stage of your strategic journey. All this, at a competitive price that’s hard to achieve in-house.

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The company has transformed since Node4 has been on the scene. Node4 started out providing the infrastructure for our e-commerce applications, but it’s now looking after more of our data and IoT operations.

Dillan Pattni
Head of Design, HDANYWHERE

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Hosting your business’s vital operations, data, information and activity in the cloud has never been easier.


In today’s digital world, businesses are always ‘on’.

Database Managed Services

Your data is precious, and needs to be protected.

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