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If you didn’t know what remote working was before 2020, we’re certain you do now. As more employees work from home, in the field and while travelling between sites, maintaining productivity and growth in a rapidly changing world has become a top priority for your customers. Our remote working solutions provide your customers with the IT services and infrastructure they need to get the job done, wherever they find themselves.

With great challenge comes great opportunity

Regardless of business strategy, end users are increasingly expecting flexible working. They want to access business data in the field, collaborate with colleagues while travelling between sites, then catch up on emails at home. Sounds relatively simple, but your customers may not realise that ‘remote working’ is far more than bulk-buying some Office 365 licenses. The opportunity for our partners here is huge, and our flexible remote working solutions are here to help.

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5 Critical Components to a Productive Workforce

Remote working may have formed part of your customer’s long-term digital transformation strategy, and now they need it all done yesterday. Give them the good news they need by working with an IT partner who has experience of planning, deploying and managing remote/hybrid working solutions across a whole range of sectors. 



  • Ensure your security can withstand the various risks of remote and hybrid working.
  • From expert advice, to security testing and monitoring, to ensuring every endpoint is secure.
  • Offering CISO & DPO as a Service
  • Vulnerability, Penetration and Phishing campaigns
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Collaboration and communication

  • Stay connected with reliable, 0% downtime collaboration tools.
  • Reduce time and money spent on arranging face-toface meetings or problematic video conferencing tools.
  • Work seamlessly using app integrations, screen and content sharing, plus record and transcribe features.
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Data and applications

  • Enable every employee to access the business data, applications and tools they need for their roles.
  • Maximise your investment in Office 365, reducing cost and complexity by replacing third-party applications.
  • Protect business data with Gartner-leading security tools,
  • Rely on our 24x7x365 fully managed service.
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  • Superfast browsing and downloading that doesn’t limit your teams’ productivity.
  • Technology that’s ready for the ISDN switch-off in 2025.
  • Crystal-clear audio and video calling for better communication.
  • More security options and safeguards than home Wi-Fi.
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Expert support

  • Get your remote working strategy right first time by working with an experienced IT services provider.
  • End-to-end control of our solutions and infrastructure.
  • 24x7x365 service, backed by rigorous SLAs.
  • Solutions managed in-house by UK-based team.
  • 15+ years of experience delivering complex enterprise IT services.
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