With cyber criminals working harder than ever to exploit flaws in business’ environments, securing your customer’s vital operations, data and activity has never been more important. Here’s how we can help.

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Security as a Service

It feels like every week brings a new story of an organisation falling foul of a sophisticated cyber attack. With eye-wateringly high penalties at stake for GDPR breaches, not to mention the potential loss of business as a direct result of an attack, cyber security has become so much more than having a strong password. It’s about staying ahead of the game, which requires a proactive approach of continual monitoring of networks, systems and applications. Your customers are probably too busy for that. Luckily, we have the people and the tools to keep your customers ahead of the game.

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Our SIEM service is managed 24/7 by security professionals

Managed Next Generation Firewalls at Opex pricing

Managed mobile and remote endpoints for enhanced security

Hybrid cloud security platform across Node4, AWS & Azure

Penetration Testing FAQs

What is the difference between Vulnerability Testing and Penetration Testing?

In some respects, vulnerability and penetration testing are similar types of services. Node4’s definition of the differences are as follows;

Vulnerability testing focusses on providing security details on active network services and the risks and vulnerabilities of those services.

Penetration testing inspects your internet facing applications or websites for security flaws and loop holes which could be exploited by attackers.

What are the benefits of Penetration Testing?

The key benefits of Node4’s application and webserver testing are as follows;

  • Audit – Provide tangible proof of compliance for many security based certifications.
  • Intelligence – Node4 provides a detailed snapshot of your websites and internet facing applications.
  • Expert – Node4’s services are provided by CREST certified experts.
  • Baseline – Provides baseline standards of security to measure subsequent periods of compliance

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