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Whether you’re starting new projects or shaping new strategies for your business, it can be difficult to know if you’re heading down the correct path. The pressure to get things right can be high and your organisation depends on your leadership and direction to succeed.

Enter Node4’s FastFind solution, our low cost, high value consultancy offering.

Designed to add worth by offering you expert advice and assessment for your individual requirements, we can help you with quick wins, long-term goals and driving an IT strategy that will improve your organisation’s performance.

We’ll pinpoint bottlenecks in your systems and organisation structure, identify security risks and provide a roadmap to help you to improve not only your efficiency, but your ROI and customer satisfaction, too, all at an affordable price point that will pay for itself once improvements have been implemented.

What is FastFind?

Our customer’s demands have driven the need for a more holistic, consultative approach, which acted as the prompt to create FastFind.

This consultancy offering is designed to identify the issues and risks affecting an organisation’s performance and build a strategy to tackle them, with a focus on how to implement fixes to affect both the short and long term.

We take a comprehensive look at your IT estate and identify improvements to your systems and organisational structure, whilst always staying mindful of any potential security risks.


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What does FastFind do?

  • Identify issues affecting your organisation’s performance, risks and issues, with a suggested strategy offering quick wins and long-term remediation goals
  • Provide an IT estate overview from ‘above the trees’
  • Identify IT bottlenecks, including systems and org structure
  • Identify security risks
  • Recommend application and business process changes
  • Drive cloud adoption
  • Offer a roadmap to improve efficiency, ROI, customer and user satisfaction
  • Help you gain competitive advantage

Who can benefit from FastFind

FastFind is for organisations of all sizes who want to improve their efficiency, streamline their processes and enhance their return on investment. Getting a fresh pair of eyes on your IT services offering, whether you’re pre delivery or currently providing your service to your customers can be vital – we provide objective consultation designed to make the most out of your systems and applications.

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In the news

Gregg Mearing, Chief Technology Officer, introduces our latest consultancy solution in this blog. Discover more about the solution, how our customers played a key part in the development, and the importance of making sure your IT strategy is set up for success.

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Our methodology

  1. Engage

    We begin with a formal fact-finding approach with discussions with C-level representatives, designed to identify pain points in your service offering, operations and processes

  2. Assess

    A tailored and templatised assessment process, created to ensure that we capture all relevant information and data

  3. Evaluate

    Based on the information gathered in the Engage and Assess stages, our team of experienced consultants will make recommendations based on your requirements

  4. Deliver

    We provide a detailed report, delivered in person by one of senior consultants, which will be designed to feed into your existing IT and business strategy to meet your goals, whether short or long term

Assessment Points

  • Microsoft Modern Workplace adoption
  • Security posture
  • Application suitability and digital transformation
  • Cloud adoption readiness
  • IT organisational structure
  • EUC suitability assessment
  • Remote working strategy
  • Competitive advantage

Expertise you can trust

Since our inception in 2004, Node4 has built a reputation for unrivalled strategic insight alongside technical excellence, with the experience and accreditations to match.

We deliver mission-critical IT solutions to our customers around the clock, with knowledgeable teams at the forefront of the industry that know how to deliver the best service, whatever the sector. We’re passionate about what we do and our relationships with our partners – they trust us to make the best decisions for them.

Most consultancy providers offer just that – a consultancy. Node4 has first-hand experience of how our recommendations can help people and we utilise that knowledge to provide the best service we possibly can. We don’t just make suggestions – we deliver those suggestions on a daily basis.

Our close relationships with our vendors and extensive accreditations allow us to provide expert and up-to-date knowledge of the latest solutions, so whether we’re identifying security risks or recommending process changes, you can be safe in the knowledge that our team of experienced consultants will make the best recommendations for your business.



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