Total ownership of our fabric gives us absolute control

Our impressive, enterprise-grade infrastructure is 100% designed, built, owned, and managed by us, meaning we have complete control over the quality and flexibility of the solutions we deliver to you.

The benefit of working with a business led by technology experts is that we continually invest heavily in our infrastructure to ensure it is future-proofed; we have invested millions to ensure we are using right up to the minute technologies that drive forward infrastructure efficiency.

Our infrastructure

  • Our 3 state-of-the-art UK data centres
  • Our resilient MPLS core network
  • Our own dark fibre DWDM backbone
  • Our secure, Multi-Homed Internet Service Provision
  • Our enterprise class Cloud virtualisation, storage and backup platform
  • Our high capacity, quality SIP trunking solution

State-of-the-Art Data Centres

In recent years, data centres have become increasingly important to businesses of all sizes, as they realise the immense cost and resource benefits of hosting their infrastructure in a purpose-built facilities that are maintained by a service provider. We have three state-of-the-art data centres spread around the UK – in Derby, Leeds & Northampton – so we are within easy reach of wherever you need your IT to be located.

The right environment for mission critical IT

It is vital for you to ensure that your chosen data centre offers the right physical and technical capabilities. We have invested heavily to build state-of-the-art facilities in three convenient locations across the country and are experienced and successful in providing the right environment for customers’ most mission critical applications.

  1. High specification and resiliency in cooling, power, and connectivity
  2. Geographically dispersed and easily accessible for all UK regions
  3. Built with high level disaster recovery strategies
  4. Hot Aisle containment and adiabatic cooling with a PuE as low as 1.2
  5. Secure, reliable, purpose-built colocation that meets stringent Business Impact Level compliance




16,000 sq ft

4 data halls

330 Racks



26,000 sq ft

4 data halls

450 Racks



42,000 sq ft

3 data halls

800 Racks

Our resilient and secure MPLS core network

We have designed and built our own resilient MPLS core network, delivering superior bandwidth and flexibility between our own data centres and Points of Presence (PoPs). We only interconnect with Tier 1 carriers at the access layer into our MPLS core, to offer the best technology and price points available across the widest range of access layer services.

Delivering bandwidths up to 10 Gbps

Our MPLS core is built on a resilient Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) backbone over our own dark fibre. With this DWDM backbone, we can now deliver instantly scalable bandwidths, up to 10 Gbps, between data centres in a matter of days, with guaranteed lowest latency.

DWDM offers up to 320Gbps per span, as 10Gbps Ethernet and 8Gbps and 16Gbps fibre channel services, as well as VLAN services between our DCs and PoPs. This enables off-site storage and replication between live and DR environments at unprecedented speeds, with the DWDM ring topology providing resilient paths for layer 2 and layer 3 MPLS services.

Access layer partners are very important to Node4 and we only use the UK’s best carriers and global network partners. This allows us to deliver the widest possible range of access layer services including Fibre Ethernet, EFM, GEA, FTTC, FTTP, ADSL2+, and 3G/4G.



We are an industry leading Cloud infrastructure provider and Cisco CMSP accredited

We have designed and built our own Cloud virtualisation, storage, and back-up platform, with enterprise grade resiliency, redundancy, and reliability. This can be used to deliver Infrastructure as a Service or fully managed environments without the need to invest in purchasing and managing your own equipment.


Our Cloud platform is based on enterprise-grade Cisco UCS hardware, the market leading VMware vSphere hypervisor and enterprise grade NetApp storage, with a choice of performance tiers, ranging from an extreme-performance all-flash (SSD), to a simple per gigabyte, per month option.

We are one of only a few providers to have achieved the Cisco Master Service Provider (CMSP) certification for cloud and managed services, meaning we undergo extensive, regular audits to ensure we deliver our services with consistent operational discipline and excellence.

Other providers offer cloud, but we are quite confident that ours is the superior solution, based on the technology that we use and the market leaders we work with.

From our Cloud platform, we can provide a number of hosted services that are multi-tenanted, including UC, NGFW, DDoS, BUaaS, DRaaS, and STaaS, designed so that we can provide an end-to-end portfolio of cloud infrastructure and services.


  • Continuous service availability from redundant hardware and network connectivity, dual power supplies on all equipment from diverse A and B feeds, and UPS and generator backup on all supplies.
  • Storage is delivered with NetApp storage arrays which have redundant controllers and fans, with multiple paths between the arrays and blade servers to provide a highly resilient solution.
  • A variety of disk types and storage pools are used to provide options ranging from high performance SSD caching to cost effective mass storage SAS.
  • Our own Cloud portal (housing VMware vCloud Director) allows complete self-management of a Virtual Data Centre.


First provider in EMEA to sell a Cisco Hyperflex solution


First provider in the UK to offer NPSaaS NetApp Private Storage as a Service

Exceptional call quality and scalability with our own SIP trunking platform

SIPLink is wholly-owned, managed, and supported by Node4, and is available in geo-redundant form using our Derby and Leeds data centres. The platform is built using carrier-grade Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to ensure we can provide the highest levels of quality, scalability, and service.


SIPLink is provided directly from our core network using two geo-resilient clusters of Session Border Controllers (SBC). By connecting to SIPLink from within the core network, a private network is created from the handset to the SBC, which ensures the best possible call quality.

Quality of Service (QoS) can then be configured and managed for the SIP channels across the MPLS core network.

The SBC clusters are located within two of Node4’s own data centres.  They are independent of each other and allow us to offer resilient and robust SIP Trunks that can failover between sites, in the case of network or service disruption.

SIPLink is scalable and flexible and designed to scale for businesses from single office to multi-site, and also busy customer contact centres.


  • Scalable, resilient to intrusion, excellent call quality, affordable
  • Combining multiple connections into a central SIP Trunk deployment rather than installing traditional ISDN lines at each site, enables you to pool your resources to operate more efficiently and reduce your overall costs
  • By procuring your connectivity from us, as well as your SIP Trunks, you can ensure you have the amount of bandwidth you require and also make cost savings by only paying one connectivity charge

Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN), previously known as the N3 National Network, is a new data network for health and care organisations.

Becoming a HSCN Connectivity Supplier

Node4 is one of a small group of service providers that is working towards being a connectivity supplier for the HSCN Obligations Framework.

Once the final audit has been completed and passed in late Spring 2017, we will have demonstrated that we adhere to the HSCN standards, by meeting security, compliance, and governance criteria for the provision of network services into the health and care sectors.


The HSCN offers a number of benefits such as:

  • A competitive marketplace that encourages innovation, driving down cost and increasing quality
  • A choice of suppliers and procurement options to suit your needs
  • Enabling easier connectivity through simpler 'connection agreements'
  • Reduce complexity, standardise networks, enable service sharing, and extending the parameters of collaborative working
  • Enable information to be reliably shared
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