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24/7 resilient and scalable database management, keeping your applications running wherever they're hosted.

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Optimising data to compete

In today’s market, how you manage your data can make a massive difference to how you engage with your customers. As such, your databases need to be optimised and healthy, delivering what you need around the clock.

Strengthening Managed Database Capabilities

The Node4 Database Management service lets you tap into the power of a team of experienced DBAs and next generation tools, allowing you to meet your strategic business goals without the frustration, cost, and time of managing the day-today database maintenance yourself.

Our Database Administrator (DBA) team have many decades of experience in helping customers identify why databases are performing poorly which may include a multitude of considerations, from the infrastructure and hardware resources through to the way the application is interfacing with the database.

Operating on a 24x7x365 basis, our multi-vendor DBA team is aligned to your business, ensuring that your databases remain healthy, available and fully optimised.

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Future-proof your solution

The size and complexity of data is growing and will continue to do so, posing a problem for businesses if IT infrastructures aren’t routinely optimised to cope.

If you’re running a business that is operational and engaging with customers 24/7, then you need a team available to resolve performance issues 24/7 too. The expense of having this team in house could be huge, not to mention distracting from the creation of business generative IT projects.

Our data experts can alleviate this stress and help deliver your critical database projects whether you need occasional DBA expertise or a full 24/7 Managed Service.

Expert DBA services to enable your projects

We are experts across the key enterprise database platforms including Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and a number of emerging NoSQL platforms such as MongoDB and Couchbase with services encompassing:

  • Database health-check
  • Performance tuning and optimisation
  • Database upgrades
  • Database consolidation
  • 24/7 Managed Services


Choose a service level that suits you

We can offer a 24/7 Managed Service, or, if you just need us on hand to support your existing IT team on occasion, that’s possible too. The best thing about our DBA services is that we can fit them around you, keeping us agile, adaptable and able to flex with seasonal or growth demands – with the assurance of a watertight SLA.

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Database Management FAQ

What are the benefits of database management?

Whether running your applications on Oracle or SQL Server databases, as the systems grow there will come a time when the database will need tuning and optimising. We often find that it’s difficult for the customer to take a step back from the daily operational demands within a technical team and to take a pragmatic look at database performance, hence it’s often beneficial for a 3rd party such as Node4 to review database performance with a fresh perspective.

We also find that customers often take a quick fix approach and add additional server resources to overcome database performance issues. Whilst this masks the issue short term, there will come a point where the system performance will degrade substantially and the option to add more hardware at the problem is cost prohibitive.

What makes Node4 different to other Database Management services?

Since 2008 our team have worked with some of Europe’s largest cloud deployments. We understand the challenges and opportunities that can make or break the success of your project. Working extensively with API’s and Cloud platforms, DevOps is a key part of our ethos. This provides our customers with a responsive service & reduces the risk of human error.

Node4 DBA services are typically 25% of the cost of recruiting internal database administration skills. All our services are focused on providing mutual outcomes to our clients. Our unique service structure means what you pay is dictated by how good our results are.

We appreciate our customers work in a more iterative environment and need real flexibility. As a result we provide 30 day contracts and are committed to integrating with your team and processes.

What is included within the Database Managed service?

Our 3-day database performance tuning and optimisation consultancy service includes:

1. Detailed qualification session and initial investigation as to fault identification.

2. Deploying advanced scripts which will run against the target database(s) for a 7-day period.

3. Analysis of all captured data to provide an effective baseline of the environment.

4. Delivery of a customer-facing report to highlight any bottlenecks and provide recommendations for any remediation tasks.

Further to you reviewing the report and findings we will arrange a follow-up meeting to review all of the findings and agree any subsequent actions, whether they be picked up by you or Node4.

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