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Built for budget, capacity and speed to offer flexibility, scalability and agility.

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Simple solutions to ensure your data is safe and compliant

Storage demands for many businesses have now become extremely complex and costly, especially when considering current security concerns, the ever-growing amounts of data which must be protected and the disparate arrays of hardware and software components which have data stored on them.

We offer a robust and secure portfolio of storage solutions to suit every business requirement. This includes physical and cloud storage solutions, along with our unique, newly launched ability to store data privately in our UK data centres while presenting a version to hyperscaler environments. We work with market-leading NetApp storage, therefore providing you with technical excellence and best in market innovative functionality.

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Affordable, flexible and reliable

Our Storage-as-a-Service is tiered for any capacity or speed. Our tiered approach offers scalability and agility with different levels of speed and capacity to suit your needs. This can be used alongside compute and network to provide you with a fully tailor-made IT solution.

We match your requirement, whether you need the ultrafast, absolute guaranteed performance of Tier 0, or the reliable, effective and affordable storage of Tier 3 for business functions where speed isn’t so much of a priority. Tiers 1-3 are built on NetApp FAS – the flexible, scalable backbone of the market leading NetApp offering. Tier 0 is the ultrafast, high performance solution built on NetApp SolidFire. Whatever level of service you need, through combining tiers our flexible approach will provide the perfect end-to-end solution for your business.


  • Best in class technologies from NetApp for affordable monthly opex payments
  • A four-tier offering – multiple tiers can be used so that each business function gets the right performance
  • Built on NetApp FAS – the flexible, scalable backbone of the market leading NetApp or SolidFire for ultrafast SSD storage
  • A fully-managed service delivering business continuity without the hassle


Using hyperscalers for peace of mind

Benefit from using hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure with their scalability, flexibility and affordability – but with none of the negatives. We enable you to retain control of your important data, storing it securely (using NetApp) in our data centres, while you use hyperscalers as an affordable way to manage bursts of activity or research, testing and development.

We’re the sole UK provider of NPSaaS, the only storage solution that can work with Amazon Web Services. By investing in this service, we can provide your business with significant time and cost implications.

Our data centres are owned by us and located throughout the UK, meaning you can be reassured you have absolute control of your data, whilst retaining the flexibility of using AWS and others.


  • GDPR compliant data sovereignty, with secure data backup
  • Cost effective – by eliminating costly data migrations which could potentially lock you in, and avoiding the expense of data retrieval when switching cloud providers
  • Securely test and develop new innovations in a cost efficient way
  • Enable bursts of activity via AWS/Azure with no loss of control of data
  • Fast and flexible multi cloud access to accommodate your workloads and diversify risks
  • Efficient data transfer when needed between NetApp based infrastructures, including private, hybrid and public clouds

Physical Storage

State of the art data centres

We’re really proud to have built and invested in four state of the art, enterprise-grade data centres, saving you time, complexity and cost. We keep your data safe and secure, offering super-fast connectivity whenever you need to access it.

NetApp Certified

  • Professional Services Certified (PSC)
  • Support Services Certified (SSC)
  • Flexpod Premium
  • NetApp Cloud Services Provider (NCSP)

"The solution provided by Node4 means we no longer need to worry about hardware faults and can address more pressing issues to help move the business forward. For example, we have recently invested in further document storage facilities. The Replicated Disaster Recovery Service means that we have a completely resilient system. In the event of a disaster, we can be up and running again within an hour – without doing any of the ongoing maintenance or running updates in the meantime."

Ian Hallett
Head of IT, Breyer Group PLC

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