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No matter how complex, at Node4 we can create and deliver bespoke tailored solutions for your business.

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Expertise tailored to your specific business needs

We’re proud of our technical expertise, which since our launch in 2004, has allowed us to support hundreds of customers and their IT teams. Consider us a part of your team, and we can remove or share the complexities of planning, building, and managing any IT infrastructure.

Technology expertise

Led by technology experts, we have extensive experience in the design, build, and management of business-critical systems, including operating systems such as Linux and Microsoft Windows, web server software from Apache to Nginx, and virtualisation software such as VMware.

Our team are also certified experts in public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, so you can be sure that the professional services we can offer you are technically sound and in line with your hybrid strategy.

The Discovery Framework

We are accustomed to coordinating and delivering a fully integrated service wherever your business takes you and whatever challenges you encounter.

We use the Discovery Framework as a means to ensure we fully understand your business and the technical requirements you may need.

The Discovery Framework


Strategy Sessions

First, we work with you and your IT team to build a solid strategy aligned to your exact requirements.


Define Goals

Next, our team of experts will help you understand your goals and then define what is needed (both from a business and technical perspective) for your project to function.


Risk Assessment

Then, we ask the right questions to identify potential business risks. How can we design it to mitigate security? Are there any bottlenecks? What about disaster recovery?


Cost Forecasting

Managing cost is key to the success of implementing technology. We work with you to accurately forecast at every milestone of the project, making sure that your solutions and final expenditure come within budget.



Your infrastructure is then audited to establish its current performance, identifying any deficiencies or bottlenecks, to ensure that everything is working at optimum efficiency, ready for new solutions.


Feasibility Studies

We then look at whether the planned solution is viable, what technology would best suit the project, and the cost involved.


Plan/Solution Design

Finally, we identify what your project will look like, from the technologies involved, the architecture and working practices. We then work with you, through a series of workshop sessions, to design the best, bespoke solution to meet your requirements.

Understanding you and your business

We never put our customers in a box. After all, no business is the same, so that’s why we’ll get to know you, your goals, your IT team and your infrastructure challenges to deliver the right solution, without cutting corners or making any assumptions.

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