Managed 24/7 Service Wrap

A complete managed service wrap to suit you and your business.

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Ongoing, seamless and bespoke solutions

Whatever your challenge, we consider all elements of your business and offer a managed service wrap to suit you. Taking the time to understand your business requirements means what we present as a solution will fit seamlessly into your business, with ongoing management to keep performance at an uninterrupted and optimum performance.

Monitoring your IT and Cyber Security 24/7

At the heart of our business lies three multi-million pound facilities that operate 24/7 to monitor and protect the health and security of your critical infrastructure. They are managed by experts, cover every solution we provide you and are governed by SLAs that ensure any customer contact or perceived threat is dealt with promptly and expertly.

And what’s more, they are local. Our NOC’s are placed strategically around the UK in our state-of-the-art data centres so that you – or we – can be on hand quickly should we need to be.


Choose from four levels of support

  • Level 1 – monitoring, fault and capacity management, infrastructure patching, customer support and backup.
  • Level 2 – as above, plus management of operating systems, incident and operating system support, operating system patching and troubleshooting, optional object level recovery and disaster recovery.
  • Level 3 – as above, plus bespoke management of database and web server software, quarterly capacity planning, security assessments and counter measures.
  • Level 4 – as above, plus complex bespoke solutions including automated configuration management, managed code deployment, application performance guidance and application monitoring.

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