New Technology & Digital Transformation

Technology is advancing at an incredibly rapid pace - here's how we can help you develop your capabilities.

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Harnessing new technology

The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning…The speed at which technology is evolving is unstoppable. Businesses therefore need to focus on developing their capabilities to harness customer data in an innovative, secure and profitable way.

The need for speed

Step one in any sound digital transformation strategy is connectivity.  That’s what cements the network between devices and people, followed by where and how to collect, store and analyse the data.

Today, just one milli-second of delay in a web application has a quantifiable negative affect on customer behaviour, so ensuring your platforms are resilient and perform well is critical.

How can Node4 help your digital transformation?

We have:

  • A resilient UK network
  • Our own cloud hosting services and managed public cloud
  • A fully managed support wrap for any combination of technologies chosen
  • Excellence backup, disaster recovery and security solutions

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Steve Denby, Head of Solution Sales, discusses IT Transformation and the arrival of Generation Z in the workplace.

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