"We don’t have to worry about systems working, and Node4 has made some great suggestions to make our tech better." Mike Devonald, Group IT Manager, Howards Motor Group

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Improve customer experience, gain the competitive edge

Look behind the scenes of great customer experience and you’ll find IT infrastructure that supports efficiency, business growth and innovation. With Node4’s expertise, you can become a more efficient automotive dealership across multiple sites – delivering exceptional customer experience and driving sales.

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We help automotive dealerships to:

  • Deliver state-of-the-art customer experience, through digital and traditional sales channels.
  • Engage customers with omnichannel communication, including webchat, social media messaging and self-service capabilities.
  • Innovate and stay ahead of the competition, using customer insights and optimisation.
  • Meet OEM and customer demand for virtual showrooms.
  • Collaborate effectively with OEMs to deliver more value to customers.
  • Process payments faster and more securely.
  • Adapt to business growth, expanding existing sites and setting up new sites quickly and easily.
  • Become more efficient, with systems that are consistent and integrated with DMS and OEM systems.
  • Protect dealership sites and customers from persistent and evolving cyber security threats.

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Howards Motor Group



A Services Gateway

By connecting to our Services Gateway, your business will benefit from accessing our entire infrastructure and solution portfolio.

Choose from our suite of IT solutions

With our broad portfolio of solutions and partners, you can build an IT infrastructure that is is fit for the digital age. Our portfolio of end-to-end solutions include:

Services Gateway

Further insights

Cloud Services

Cloud can play an important part of your business IT strategy. Typically, more businesses are moving towards a hybrid cloud environment. The elegance of hybrid cloud architectures are that they deploy the right workload into the right environment according to your own individual business requirements.

The Changing Environment for Car Dealers

The systems and apps that Node4 can put in place mean that dealers can now set up new locations easier and quicker than ever before, and offer a uniform desktop for all staff, allowing for agility and ease of expansion.

Customer Contact

For businesses handling thousands of calls each day, you need a solution which won’t let you down. With us, you can merge all of your communication streams under one roof keeping your contact streams consistent, engaging and easy to use.

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