"Thanks to Node4, we are now on the ‘front foot’, rather than being reactive. When the business wants us to move in a different direction, we are able to do it without a challenge." Chris Mullins, Head of IT at Benenden Health

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Digital transformation for healthcare

To provide the most effective patient care, you need IT services that can support high demand, integrate with new healthcare technologies and allow staff to share information securely.

Whether you're a healthcare provider, supplier or ISV, we're here to help you rethink your IT infrastructure, and accelerate digital transformation in healthcare.

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Managing Healthcare Data in an Era of Explosive Growth: A Guide to Storage Options

Get the most out of your data and improve patient outcomes, by learning effective healthcare data storage and retrieval strategies.

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We help healthcare providers and suppliers to:

  • Engage patients with faster, more convenient digital services, from e-referrals to virtual care.
  • Expand to meet growing demand for services, and respond to periods of high or unpredictable demand.
  • Improve operational processes, cutting costs and giving clinicians more time with patients.
  • Integrate electronic health records with clinical systems and tools, for complete patient histories.
  • Equip staff to work remotely, with their preferred devices, improving communication, information-sharing and decision-making.
  • Attract the best consultants, with a working environment that’s up to speed.
  • Protect patient data, in an environment of increasing IoT sensors and devices.
  • Modernise IT services for healthcare, to support new connected technologies.
  • Take the next steps in a digital transformation journey, while keeping mission-critical systems running.
  • Free up internal teams, with our range of managed IT services for healthcare.

Customer stories

Nuffield Health

BMI Healthcare


Benenden Health

Node4 aided Preventx's Azure migration during the COVID-19 pandemic

“In the months since partnering with Node4, we’ve seen huge benefits across our business. Adopting public cloud and Azure Services have delivered a flexible and agile infrastructure – one that’s far more cost-effective and strategic than stacking and then under-utilising physical servers.”

“To anyone in the health sector and beyond questioning the validity and effectiveness of public cloud environments I’d say if you haven’t made the move already, what are you waiting for?”

For more information view their customer case study video.

Node4 Enables BMI Healthcare to Support NHS Efforts Amidst Continuing COVID-19 Pandemic

“We have enabled a large number of our non-clinical staff to work from home as well as allowing secure access into BMI Healthcare systems for NHS staff working at a BMI Healthcare hospital during the pandemic. This has been made possible as a result of the investment we have made in our IT systems.”

“Our managed services solution, supported by Node4, means that BMI Healthcare’s IT infrastructure and WAN network is resilient, robust and secure. The Node4 hosted applications, managed network and multi-layer firewall solutions have provided BMI Healthcare with confidence in its ability to respond rapidly to altered ways of working.”

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A Services Gateway

By connecting to our Services Gateway, your business will benefit from accessing our entire infrastructure and solution portfolio.

Choose from a range of IT services for healthcare

With our broad portfolio of solutions and partners, you can build an IT infrastructure that is fit for the digital age. Our portfolio includes HSCN-compliant solutions, as well as managed IT services for healthcare:

Services Gateway

The project went smoothly with a first-time, flawless cutover of all digital services in a single overnight maintenance window. This was thanks to rigorous testing beforehand and through choosing the best options based on Node4’s honest and expert recommendations. The team at Node4 were really flexible, waiting until we were ready and ensuring we met challenging deadlines.

Dave Ankers
IT Strategy & Delivery Director, Nuffield Health

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Health & Social Care Network (HSCN)

HSCN is the new data network for the NHS and other social care organisations, as well as their network of third-party commercial suppliers.

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