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"We needed a solution that could be tailored to our specific needs and can support our cloud-first strategy, and are pleased to be working with Node4 to take this forward."
Graham Moore, Group Chief Information Officer at Stagecoach.

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Whether you’re in the business of transporting passengers or goods, you need to be digitally fit to support growth, provide better customer experience and stand up against new market competitors. Faced with a vast number of new technologies disrupting the transport and logistics sector, it can be difficult to know how best to navigate your way to digital transformation. Here at Node4, with our experience of delivering IT solutions to transport and logistics business, we can help you take those next steps.

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Graham Moore, Group Chief Information Officer at Stagecoach.

“Before this project, IT was regarded as an overhead and — in some instances – a hindrance. Now we’re known as enablers and a trusted partner. You can almost draw a line in the sand from the day that Node4’s SD-WAN fired up, and see the change that occurred literally overnight.

“I know people throw the term ‘transformative’ around a lot when talking about IT projects, but this was 100% the case for us. There’s no other word to describe it.”

Benefits for transport and logistics companies

  • Adapt to growth and change, whether that’s acquisitions, new contracts or a different business model.
  • Update IT infrastructure to support intelligent transport systems, including robotic process automation and predictive maintenance solutions.
  • Meet customer expectations for convenient services whether that’s accelerated onboarding, WiFi on board, or faster, more flexible delivery of goods.
  • Better understand your customers and personalise services based on data analytics.
  • Reach and engage customers with new ways of communicating, from social media messaging to webchat.
  • Handle thousands of interactions with customers thanks to robust frontline digital services.
  • Automate operational processes to save time and money.
  • Equip your workforce to get their jobs done, wherever they are, whatever device they’re using.
  • Collaborate more effectively with partners to deliver more value to customers and gain the competitive edge.
  • Improve the sustainability of your operations.

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